Anyone can submit a ScoreUpdate( ) call for any XP Instance as long as they have permission to do so.

An XP Instance can add a list of Trusted Updaters.

The XP Team already has multiple integrations to convert activity into XP available via the Dashboard

  • Discord

  • On-chain event watcher

  • Snapshot (DAO)

  • NFT Activity watcher

Trusted Updaters (Integrations)

A trusted updater can submit ScoreUpdate() calls to XP Protocol on behalf of a community.

This opens up the possibility for anyone to create their own Integrations and provide services for any community.

Requirements to be a Trusted Updater

  1. Create a wallet, and use that wallet to sign transactions/REST api calls depending on how you are submitting ScoreUpdates().

  2. Get the community to approve you as a Trusted Updater. (Can be done in the Dashboard)

Thats it!

This means that any community can build its own integrations, using the protocol directly or by using the REST API here.


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