🖼️NFT Watcher

An NFT Watcher integration for NFT aligned communities.

Our NFT Watcher integration is available via the XP Dashboard at Dashboard.


Our NFT watcher integration enables communities that are built around or have used NFT collections to connect their members. This integration works well for artists that publish their music as NFTs via Sound/Zora/etc or even for NFT PFP communities where their main incentivize is to collect and trade NFTs. This integration adds gamification and helps community managers track and incentivize people trading their NFTs.

Use Cases:

Platform Owners: Are you running an NFT marketplace, or NFT platform similar to Sound/Opensea, you now have a simple way to encourage and track custom collections.

Music Artists: Incentivize your music collectors across platforms such as Zora, Sound, and Catalog.

PFP/Memberships: Add deeper incentives around collectors to help push people to initial sales, and repeat sales.


How does it work?

We've built a data ingestion system that can scrape multiple blockchains in parallel and parse its historical data for clues of transfers. Our system is clever enough to distinguish between the initial mints of an NFT and transfers to others after mints. Thus allowing you as an XP instance owner to trigger different Actions per each of those events. The data as always is then outputted to our Rest API for on-chain updates to your instance.

When configuring this integration you can choose when to start the data ingestion depending on the block. This allows us to scrape historical data as far back as you would like. Depending on how far back you enable this feature the longer it will take to parse the data up to the current block. To estimate -> 6 months ago takes around 8 hours to scrape all transactions into your instance. Of course, there is a status bar on the integration page to show the current status. After all contracts have been caught up, the system goes into "Watcher" mode and watches all new transfers and automatically triggers score updates.

How to Enable

  1. Go to your dashboard instance at https://dashboard.xp-protocol.io

  2. Select "NFT Watcher" under the "Integrations" section of the navbar.

  1. Set up the Point Configuration section, this allows you to specify what Actions get triggered for which type of transaction is detected by your collections.

  2. Add at least one contract to one of the currently supported networks. Here you add the start block of that chain, highly suggested to input the block the contract was deployed. Then the contract address and NFT type need to also be added. Currently, we have a limit of 10 contracts under our free plan.


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