A integration for DAO incentives

Our snapshot integration is available via the XP Dashboard at Dashboard.


Our snapshot integration adds a new gamification layer for communities that are utilizing DAO tooling. Most Web3 communities exist across NFT collections, protocols, and platforms. For most web3 communities, decentralized governance is an essential part of growing their community and commitment to a project.


How does it work?

Once a configuration is set, our system will automatically trigger a scan of snapshot's data. Depending on how many proposals have been created and the number of votes cast for those proposals, this initial scan can take around an hour. There is a status section on the page to inform of the current status. After the initial scan, our integration will sit and watch for all changes on incoming proposals and process them automatically rewarding those new users for voting, no further work is needed from the management side.

Under the hood

This integration under the hood is built using a custom data ingestor we designed to pull data from with help from the team. We then tie that output to our Rest API to trigger updates on-chain.

How to Enable

  1. Go to your dashboard instance at

  2. Select "Snapshot" under the "Integrations" section of the navbar.

  1. Enter in your space ENS name that is associated with your snapshot instance.

  2. Choose what Score Type and what Action should be triggered for every vote.

  1. Done!

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